Our Board

Carol Frontera

Geoffrey Close
Vice President

Christopher R. van Roden, Esquire

Andrew Ondish


Wendell Baxter
Laura E. Bechtel, Esquire
Paul Bowden
The Honorable William O. Carr
Elizabeth Cook
Mary Hatter
Michele M. Wolbert
Charles B. Keenan, Jr., Esquire
Steve Messersmith
Joe Ryan
David W. Ryden
Jackie Siejack
Mike Thatcher
Jim Welch

Our Plan

The Close Foundation raises money to award grants, provide assistance to qualifying programs, and provide ongoing financial assistance to the Department of Juvenile Services (DJS) in the form of a discretionary fund. The Close Foundation interacts on a regular basis with the DJS to identify and fund such special needs.

In 2014, the Foundation awarded $20,000 in grant money to several different Harford County organizations. Our goal is to be able to award more grant money to qualified organizations in years to come.

In the future, the Foundation will be expanding their reach to help serve as advocates for troubled youth, begin forming strategic partnerships with other organizations, and work with more organizations that assist at-risk youth before they get into trouble.

The Foundation has awarded grants to the following organizations to date:  Inner County Outreach/Trinise Jones Summer Day Camp • Harford Family House, Inc. • The SAGE Group (Sharon Ann Grose Educational Group) • CASA of Harford Co. • Making a Diffence: Truancy Education Program • Family & Children’s Services of Central Maryland-Harford County • Alternative Education Program-Harford County Public Schools • Positive Behavior School Intervention (PBIS) Program at Alternative Ed. • Addiction Connections Resource, Inc. • Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs of Harford County • Homecoming Project, Inc. • Restoration Academy Middle and High Charter Schools • Salvation Army Camp • YMCA Summer Session


Our Mission

As the population of Harford County increases, so does the number of young people engaged in criminal behavior as well as drug and alcohol abuse. These young people are our children, nieces and nephews, grandchildren, our neighbor’s child, our employees…

Unfortunately, resources and services available to assist these young people are insufficient.

The Close Foundation helps “close the gap” between need and existing resources by raising and distributing funds to give Harford County’s at-risk youth hope for their future.

The Albert P. Close Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that seeks grants, raises and distributes funds, including personal and corporate donations, to help at-risk youth get the help they so desperately need.

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