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Michele M. Wolbert

Geoffrey Close
Vice President

Christopher R. van Roden, Esquire

Michele M. Wolbert
Acting Treasurer

Wendell Baxter
Laura E. Bechtel, Esquire
The Honorable William O. Carr
Laura Chabalowski
Tommy Close
Megan Deacon
Mary Hatter
Jerome Joyner
Charles B. Keenan, Jr., Esquire
Sarah Klein
Tracey McLauchlin
Susan Butcher Roarty
Mike Thatcher
Bob Titelman, Jr.
Deanna Townsley
Jim Welch

About Judge Close

Judge Albert P. Close was born into a family with deep roots in Harford County. During his long and distinguished career as an attorney and as a Judge of the Circuit Court for Harford County (1967-1986), he remained vitally interested in young people.  In 2002, the Albert P. Close Foundation was created in his memory to provide financial support to agencies such as the Harford County Department of Juvenile Justice and the Harford County Department of Social Services, and to support programs including the Juvenile Drug Court, to aid in efforts to help at-risk youth living in Harford County.

Since its inception, the Foundation has provided funding for drug treatment and counseling for individuals who could not otherwise afford it; obtained a grant for an anger management program for juvenile girls; provided tuition and books for vocational and college courses to allow young people to continue their education; provided funding for school supplies for young people who could not afford them; and funded substance abuse education materials for the Harford County Board of Education’s Alternative Education Program.

Most recently, the Foundation donated seed money to help start the “Hold Them Close” program at UM Upper Chesapeake. With that money, the special care nursery, which treats substance exposed newborns, was able to purchase a large crib to accommodate special needs babies, a Mamaroo swing to help soothe the babies, and provide take-home bags for new moms full of tools to help them safely transition their baby from the Special Care Nursery to home.

Our Mission

As the population of Harford County increases, so does the number of young people engaged in criminal behavior as well as drug and alcohol abuse. These young people are our children, nieces and nephews, grandchildren, our neighbor’s child, our employees…

Unfortunately, resources and services available to assist these young people are insufficient.

The Close Foundation helps “close the gap” between need and existing resources by raising and distributing funds to give Harford County’s at-risk youth hope for their future.

The Albert P. Close Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that seeks grants, raises and distributes funds, including personal and corporate donations, to help at-risk youth get the help they so desperately need.

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